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Welcome to the internet home of von der Preis Rottweilers of Steel City Rotts located in Western Pennsylvania. Here you will find a small family oriented kennel designed to breed Rottweilers with excellent character and beauty for the loving family home. VDP Rottweilers of Steel City Rotts prides itself in breeding and importing Rottweilers from some of the finest and most sought after European Bloodlines in the world today. On occasions we have puppies available for pet homes, show/breeding/working homes and service needs homes as well. We are Code of Ethics breeders and follow the F.C.I. (Federation Cynologique International) and I.F.R. (International Federation of Rottweilers) standard for Rottweilers. We do not dock tails. All of our breeding Rottweilers and breeding’s require both parents to have passed extensive health clearances. We are constantly building our breeding program by using proven European bloodlines. These bloodlines consist of Champions of conformation and working venues through out their pedigrees. With our direct emphasis being on the Total Rottweiler. The European Rottweiler has many excellent bloodlines. From Germany to Serbia , Holland to Italy, France to Croatia just to name a few. At VDP Rottweilers of Steel City Rotts we intend on adopting the best attributes from all the European Rottweilers. We have been associated with the Rottweiler for several years and would encourage you that if you have any questions, beliefs or advice you want to share please feel free to contact us. We enjoy talking about our friends the Rottweilers. Please check back often as we are continuously updating our site.. Enjoy…
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